in-house toll manufacturing

In-house Toll Manufacturing capabilities at Vetch Pro in Wilnsdorf, Germany

Mixing capabilities and capacities:

  • Vacuum dissolvers (disc, screw, scraper) with 10l-3.000l capacity and 180 kW electrical driving power
  • Vacuum butterfly Mixers (butterfly, disc, scraper) with 300l – 1.000l capacity and 100 kW electrical driving power
  • Continuous mixers
  • Milling capacities from 10l/hour up to 1.600l/hour
  • Powder mixer with a capacity of 8.000l
  • Over 10 different production lines with reactor vessels ranging from 500l- 3.000L capacity
  • 1000l high-shear dissolvers
  • Filling capacities from 10ml to 30.000l: All packaging sizes are handled today in our facilities – ranging from small tubes, pails, drums through to tanker trucks.
  • Mixing of materials up to 500.000mPas viscosity possible

  • All mills and mixers can be cooled down with 4 degrees Celsius
  • All mills and mixers can be heated up to 120 degrees Celsius
  • Materials can be handled under pressure up to 20 psi
  • Dust free powder handling (bags, Big-Bags, Silo). Closed system.
  • Backup: Most processes and apparatuses are doubly present
  • 24h-service
  • Just-In-Time production possible

Currently handled raw material backbones:

Polyurethane (1K, 2K)

Polymers (silane modified and silane terminated)

Alcohol based solvents

Dispersion (acrylic, vinyl acetate, styrene-acrylic dispersions)



  • A variety of detergents and additives used with the above technologies are handled in truck loads together with the explicit chemical backbone. That gives a large and cost reduced base for the formulation of tailor-made products.

Factory regulations and safety:

The official permit of the government granted for the manufacturing at our plant allows us to handle most of the known chemical substances.

Our two production sites are constructed and operated with the highest standard in security, healthcare and sustainability.

ATEX certified in most areas.

IT and Reporting:

Our IT-Systems are based on Siemens (S7) and IBM (AS 400) standards and a continuous real-time off-site copy of all data and software is present as well as backup for the hardware.

The implemented software meets international standards and is used in 6 subsidiaries today with a common standard.

To our customers we provide open access to our systems in order to give to have full transparency on processes and projects. We create customised reports to show all the figures to evaluate the business.

Storage and logistics:

  • Storage capacity for 3.000 pallets of material
  • Storage capacities in tanks and containers for truckloads of liquid material
  • JIT- and JIS-logistics of material possible
  • Storage and warehousing of any material can be handled
  • Worldwide logistics network
  • Commissioning, labelling, relabelling, transfer of products

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